Steps in Program Development

Program development is a multi step process. The steps are 
1) Understand the problem 
2) Develop a solution 
3) Write the program and test it.

1. Understand the problem: 
When you are assigned to develop a program for solving a problem, you are given the programming requirements. Study these requirements carefully resolve all doubts and ensure that you have understood it fully as per the user requirements.

2. Develop a solution: 
Once you have understood the problem, you have to develop the solution in terms of some programming language. The tools that help in this are:
a) Algorithm / Pseudo code
b) Flowchart
c) Programming Language, like C etc.,
d) Test cases
a) Algorithm

Definition: A method of representing the step-by-step logical procedure for solving a problem in natural language (like English, etc.) is called as an Algorithm.Algorithm can also be defined as an ordered sequence of well-defined and effective operations that, when executed, will always produce a result and eventually terminate in a finite amount of time. On the whole an algorithm is a recipe for finding a right answer to a problem by breaking it down into simple steps.

Properties an Algorithm should possess:
a. Generality: The algorithm must be complete in itself so that it can also be used to solve all problems of a specific type for given input data.
b. Input / Output: Each algorithm can take zero, one or more input data and must produce one or more output values.
c. Optimization: Unnecessary steps should be eliminated so as to make the algorithm to terminate in finite number of steps.
d. Effectiveness: Each step must be effective in the sense that it should be primitive (easily convertible into program statement) and can be performed exactly in a finite amount of time.
e. Definiteness: Each step of the algorithm, should be precisely and unambiguously stated.

b) Flowchart:
Definition: It is a diagrammatic representation of an algorithm. It is constructed using different types of symbols.

3. Programming and Testing:
A computer program is the sequence of instructions written in a computer language according to the algorithm and computer follows these in carrying out its computations. The process of writing a program is called programming.
Steps involved in Computer Programming:
1. Problem Understanding
2. Problem Definition
3. Program writing
4. Error analysis
5. Validation & Verification
6. Documentation & Maintenance

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