Graph Data Structure 

Define Graph in Data Structure?

A graph G consist of a nonempty set V which is a set of nodes of the graph, a set E which is the set of edges of the graph, and a mapping from the set for edge E to a set of pairs of elements of V. It can also be represented as G=(V, E).

Define adjacent nodes in Data Structure?
Any two nodes which are connected by an edge in a graph are called adjacent nodes. For example, if and edge e is associated with a pair of nodes (u,v) where u, v, then we say that the edge x connects the nodes u and v.

Name the different ways of representing a graph in Data Structure?
a. Adjacency matrix
b. Adjacency list

What are the two traversal strategies used in traversing a graph in Data Structure?
a. Breadth first search
b. Depth first search

What is an acyclic graph in Data Structure?
A simple diagram which does not have any cycles is called an acyclic graph in Data Structure.

What is topological sort?
A topological sort is an ordering of vertices in a directed acyclic graph,such that if there is a path from vi then vj appears after vi in the ordering.

What is single source shortest path problem?
Given as an input a weighted graph, G=(V,E) and a distinguished vertex, 's' find the shortest weighted path from 's' to every other vertex in G.

Mention some shortest path problems.
a. Unweighted shortest paths
b. Dijikstra‟s algorithm
c. All-pairs shortest paths

What are the algorithms used to find the minimum spanning tree?
a. Prim's algorithm
b. Kruskal's algorithm

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