definition of data structures, Binary Heap, Define Algorithm
Definition of data structures

Write down the definition of data structures? 

Data structure is a mathematical or logical way of organizing data in the memory that consider not only the items stored but also the relationship to each other and also it is characterized by accessing functions

Binary Heap.
The implementation we will use is known as a binary heap. Its use is so common for priority queue implementations that when the word heap is used without a qualifier Structure Property. A heap is a binary tree that is completely filled, with the possible exception of the bottom level, which is filled from left to right. Such a tree is known as a complete binary tree.

Define Algorithm?
Algorithm is a solution to a problem independent of programming language. It consist of set of finite steps which, when carried out for a given set of inputs, produce the corresponding output and terminate in a finite time.

What are the features of an efficient algorithm?
a. Free of ambiguity
b. Efficient in execution time
c. Concise and compact
d. Completeness
e. Definiteness
f. Finiteness

List down any four applications of data structures?
a. Compiler design
b. Operating System
c. Database Management system and Network analysis

What is meant by an abstract data type (ADT)?
An ADT is a set of operation. A useful tool for specifying the logical properties of a datatype is the abstract data type.ADT refers to the basic mathematical concept that defines the datatype. Eg.Objects such as list, set and graph along their operations can be viewed as ADT's.

What are the operations of ADT?
Union, Intersection, size, complement and find are the various operations of ADT.

What is meant by list ADT?
List ADT is a sequential storage structure. General list of the form a1, a2, a3.…., an and the size of the list is 'n'. Any element in the list at the position I is defined to be ai, ai+1 the successor of ai and ai-1 is the predecessor of ai.

What are the two parts of ADT?
a. Value definition
b. Operator definition

What is a Sequence?
A sequence is simply an ordered set of elements. A sequence S is sometimes written as the enumeration of its elements,such as S = If S contains n elements, then length of S is n.

Define Automatic and External variables?
Automatic variables are variables that are allocated storage when the function is invoked. External variables are variables that are declared outside any function and are allocated storage at the point at which they are first encountered for the remainder of the program’s execution.

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