Monday, 2 October 2017

What is an algorithm ? Discuss different characteristic of Algorithms.

An algorithm in simple term is a set of rules which is further carried out to perform a task either by hand or by mean of a machine. These set of rules are further became the idea behind the computer programming. These set or rules are independent of any programming language implementation. An algorithms can not be changed according to any programming like C, C++, Java, Pascal etc.
Let us redefine the term algorithm in more specific to computer programming. An algorithm is a well-defined computational procedure that transforms inputs into outputs achieving the desired input-output relationship. Algorithm is a finite and definite procedure for solving a problem.  An algorithm is a finite ordered set of unambiguous and effective steps which, when followed, accomplish a particular task by accepting zero or more input quantities and generate at least one output.

Following are the characteristics of algorithms:

1. Input: An algorithm is supplied with zero or more external quantities as input for solving the problem in hand.

2. Output: An algorithm must produce a result, i.e an output with respected to the desired input.

3. Finiteness: An algorithm must halt. hence, it must have finite numbers of steps to solve a problem in hand.

4. Effectiveness: Every instruction must be sufficiently basic, to be executed easily in programming.

5. Unambiguous steps: Each step of any algorithm must be very clear and unambiguous in nature. This feature help the programmer to follow these steps while writing program.

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