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Question Bank of Data Structure: Set 4

Q.1 Draw the complete un-directed graphs on one, two, three, four and five vertices. 
Q.2 Draw the complete undirected graphs on one, two, three, four and five vertices. 
Q.3 What are the different ways of representing a graph? Represent the following graph using those ways.
Q.4 Write a procedure to reverse a singly linked list.
Q.5 Write an algorithm which does depth first search through an un-weighted connected graph. 
Q.6 In an un-weighted graph, would breadth first search or depth first search or neither find a shortest path tree from some node? Why?
Q.7 Which are the two standard ways of traversing a graph? Explain them with an example of each.
Q.8 Explain Dijkstra’s algorithm for finding the shortest path in a given graph.
Q.9 What do you understand by tree traversal? Write a procedure for traversing a binary tree in pre-order .
Q.10 How memory is freed using Boundary tag method in the context of Dynamic memory management?
Q.11 What do you understand by structured programming? Explain.
Q.12 Write an algorithm to sort a given list using Quick sort method. 
Q. 13 Describe the behaviour of Quick sort when input is already sorted.
Q.14 Sort the following list using Heap Sort 66, 33, 40, 20, 50, 88, 60, 11, 77, 30, 45, 65.
Q.15 Define graph, adjacency matrix, adjacency list, hash function, sparse matrix, reach-ability matrix.
Q.16 Explain various graph traversal schemes and write their merits and demerits.
Q.17 Which sorting algorithm is easily adaptable to singly linked lists? Explain your answer.
Q.18 What do you mean by complexity of an algorithm? Explain the meaning of worst case analysis and best case analysis with an example..
Q.19 Write an algorithm to insert a node in the beginning of the linked list.
Q.20 Write a complete programme in C to create a single linked list. 
Q.21 Define a sparse metrics. Explain the representation of a 4X4 matrix using linked list.
Q.22 Define data type and abstract data type. Comment upon the significance of both.
Q.23 Enumerate various operations possible on ordered lists and arrays. 
Q. 24 Write procedures to insert and delete an element in to array.
Q.25 By taking an example show how multidimensional array can be represented in one dimensional array.

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