Multiple Choice Question on Data Structure

Q1. A binary search tree whose left sub-tree and right sub-tree differ in height by at most 1 unit is called ……
A) AVL tree

B) Red-black tree
C) Lemma tree
D) None of the above

Q2. Which of the following is non-liner data structure?
A) Stacks
B) List
C) Strings
D) Trees

Q3. Herder node is used as sentinel in …..
A) Graphs
B) Stacks
C) Binary tree
D) Queues

Q4. To represent hierarchical relationship between elements, Which data structure is suitable?
A) Dequeue
B) Priority
C) Tree
D) Graph

Q5. The property of binary tree is
A) The first subset is called left subtree
B) The second subtree is called right subtree
C) The root cannot contain NULL
D) The right sub-tree can be empty

Q6. Any node is the path from the root to the node is called
A) Successor node

B) Ancestor node
C) Internal node
D) None of the above

Q7. State true of false.
i) A node is a parent if it has successor nodes.
ii) A node is child node if out degree is one.
A) True, True
B) True, False
C) False, True
D) False, False

Q8. …………………. Is a directed tree in which out degree of each node is less than or equal to two.
A) Unary tree
B) Binary tree
C) Trinary tree
D) Both B and C

Q9.  State true or false.
i) An empty tree is also a binary tree.
ii) In strictly binary tree, the out-degree of every node is either o or 2.
A) True, False
B) False, True
C) True, True
D) False, False

Q10. Which of the following data structure is non-linear type?
A) Strings

B) Lists
C) Stacks
D) Tree

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