Important points to be remembered about Data Structure:

Q. 1 What do you mean by Abstract Data Types?
Classes encapsulate all the essential properties of the objects that are to be created. Since the classes use the concept of data abstraction, they are known as Abstract Data Types.

Q. 2 List the operation of set ADT?
Union and Find are the two operations on set ADT. 

Q. 3 Define Stack Data Structure.
Stack is a list, in which insertion and deletion of elements are made at one end called top. Push and Pop are two important operations performed on stacks. Push: The incoming element is placed on top of the stack. Pop: Removes the topmost element from the stack.

Q. 4 Define Queue Data Structure.
Queue is a list in which insertion takes place at one end, called the rear and the deletion at the other end, called the front. In queue, the item inserted first is removed first. Therefore it is called a First In First Out (FIFO) structure. 

Q.5 Define Circular Queue Data Structure.
In array based implementation of queue, inefficiency arises only when the value of the rear pointer exceeds maximum size during insertion. This can be rectified if we logically consider the queue to be circular. In circular queue, once the rear pointer reaches the maximum size, the next location I the first one (index 0), provided the first location is vacant. The specific location is calculated by mod (%) operator.

Q.6 Define Dequeue Data Structure.
 A dequeue is an ordered list in which additions and deletions may be carried out at either end.

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