Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages of using Array in your computer programe

As we all know that Array is an abstract data types and also familiar with its implementation. We also know some application in which array are used as a main data structure in it. Let us further study in more detail about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of using Array in your computer programming.

Characteristics of Arrays:

1. Array allow random access to any data element stored in it.
2. Array is a finite set of homogeneous data elements.
3. Array is defined as a set of pair ( Index + data element on that index)  
4. Array provide a static memory allocation. i.  space is allocated during compile time.
5. In arrays every element are stored in successive memory location.
6. Insertion and deletion in between of any array require a lot of data movement otherwise insertion and deletion are very easy in any array.

Advantages of an arrays:

1. Arrays allow any data element access in a constant time O(1).
2. Arrays are most efficient for storing fixed amount of data we have.
3. Arrays have less wastage of memory than other if completely filled with data.
4. Arrays are helpful in sorting, searching, hashing and in matrix operations.
5. Arrays are successfully handle the operation on polynomials. 
6. Arrays are helpful in building a data structure like stacks, queue, strings, heaps, hash tables etc.

Disadvantage of an Arrays:

1. It provide static memory management, run-time change in memory is not possible.
2. In array insertion and deletion in between require a lot of movement in data elements.
3. Static memory allocation create a problem in all most every language.

4. Array are not very efficient to work when we want to insert or delete new data element in between.

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Mukesh Rajput

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