Friday, 27 October 2017

Applications of Graphs

Graphs are constructed for various types of  application such as :

1. Graphs are used to represent maps of a cities/ states/ regions as vertices and adjacency relations as edges.
2. It is also used to represent transport networks where stations are used to represent vertices and routes between different station represent edges. 
3. Graphs are used to represent circuit networks where points of connection are drawn as vertices and component wires become the edges of the graph.
4. Graphs are used for finding the shortest paths between two different cities/ stations.
5. Graphs are used for analysis of program flow where procedure and modules are treated as vertices and different functions calls to these procedures are drawn as edges of the graph.
6. In flowcharts, the coding statements and conditions in a program are represented as vertices and the flow of control is represented by the edges.
7. Graphs are also used to represent activity network diagram.

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