Introduction to Data Structure, Data Structure algorithm, Linear and Non-Linear Data Structure
What do you mean by Data Structure?

Data Structures are the methods/techniques of organizing the data in computer memory so that it can be used efficient-ly at the time of use. Its very easy to access those that which are properly arranged or managed. Lets take an example of a library which is almost filled with thousands of books. If all theses books are not properly organize then the access time of any book is going to be high. But if book are properly orga-nized then the access time is going to be low. 
So if we are arranging our data in the computer memory for the purpose of efficiently using it for any application then this process is know as data structure.

Why Data Structure are important?
we only list the most important points into consideration only.
1. For easy access of the data for any application.
2. Different data structure format like Linear array, linked list, Stack, Queues, Tree, Graphs etc. gives different access time for their data stored.

List different types of Data structure.
1. Linear Data Structure and Non-Linear Data Structures
2. Static and Dynamic Data Structures
3. Persistent and Ephemeral Data Structures
4. Sequential and Direct Access Data Structures
5. Primitive and and Non-Permitive Data Structures

What are the different operations which are performed on Data Structures?

1 Inserting: To insert a new element into any data structure at any position
2 Deleting: To delete an element form the data structure form any position
3 Traversing: To visit each and every elements of the data structure
4 Searching: To search an element in the data structure
5 Merging: To combine to two or more data structure of same types
6 Sorting: To arrange/ organize the data element in any specific order. 

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