Linked List data structure, Linked List Data Structure,
Some main features which should be kept in mind about Linked List Data Structure with YouTube video Link attached

Linked list is a Linear Data Structure. Its element are linked with each other element with the help of pointer. It can not be stored in continues memory location of the computer. Following are the important points which should be kept in mind where studying Linked List.

1. As we know Linked list Data Structure are  dynamic in nature. Which means we can allocating and De-allocating memory to its data element dynamically while the program is running.

2. In Linked list Data Structure data elements can be inserted or deleted from any position ( like first, last or specific position).

3. In Linked list Data Structure there is no need to define initial size at the time of programming.

4. In Linked list Data Structure data insertion and deletion of any node operations are easily implemented.

5. With the help of Linked list Data Structure, stacks and queues can be implemented very easily.

6. Linked List provide flexibility is allowing the elements/ node to be rearranging the links in new node.

7. Linked List does not waste memory it uses the memory that is just needed for the list at any point of time.

8. The access time of any arbitrary data elements is little time consuming in Linked List because every element is linked with each other through pointer. 

10. In Linked list Data Structure use more memory due to pointers requiring extra storage space for storage on next node address.

11. Each nodes in the Linked List are stored in-contiguously and it will increase the time required to access data elements.

12. In Linked list Data Structure reverse traversing is not possible. while doubly linked lists are somewhat easier to read, memory is wasted in allocating space for a back pointer.

13. In Linked list Data Structure,  Linear search in Link List if element are sorted then it gives O(log2(n)) time complexity.

For more information about Linked List, Please see the following video on YouTube:

First Video for Introduction of Linked List:

Second video we perform Insert operation:

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