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Important tips on General Trees, Binary Trees, Forest Trees, Extended Binary Trees Data structures

1. General Trees are data structures that store data elements hierarchically. 
2 The top node of a tree is the ROOT NODE and each node, except the root, has a parent.

3. A Node in a general tree ( except the leaf node ) may have zero or more sub-trees.
4. General trees which have 3 sub-trees per node is known as ternary trees. 
5. General trees which have 2 sub-trees per node is known as Binary trees.
6. The total number of sub-trees in general trees may be variable. For example, a node can have 1 sub-tree, whereas some other nodes have 3 sub-trees.
7. The overcome the complexity of general trees it should be converted into Binary Trees.
8. A Forest tree is a disjoint union of trees.
9. A set of disjoint trees is obtained by deleting the ROOT NODE and the edges connecting the root node to nodes of level 1.
10. Every node of a tree is the root node of some sub-tree. Therefore all the sub-trees immediately below a node form a forest.
11. In a Binary Trees, The topmost element is called as ROOT Node, and each node has 0, 1 and at the most 2 children.
12. A NODE that has 0 children is known as LEAF NODE.
13. Every node of trees has three different parts like INFO parts, LEFT Pointers for left sub-tree field and RIGHT Pointers for right sub-tree.
14. The ROOT element is pointed by "root pointer" and if root==NULL then it means the tree is empty.
15. The complete Binary tree is a Binary Tree that satisfies two more properties. First,  all level is completely filled except the last one and secondly, all nodes appear as far left as possible. 

16. In Complete Binary tree, there are exactly n nodes and level r of T can have at most 2 ^ n nodes.
17. A Binary Trees T is said to be Extended Binary Tree if each node in the tree has either no child or exactly two children. 

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